Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekly Grocery Ads

The Frugal Townie's weekly Grocery Deals Round-Up will be back next week. In the meantime, here are the links to the weekly ads, which will go up Wednesday morning.

 Weekly Ads for Lawrence:

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Birthday Freebies Update

   Since my birthday was this week, I am taking this opportunity to test out the claims of all the birthday freebies that restaurants and other places say they will give you if you sign up. Last year I posted Lawrence KS Birthday Freebies so I am retesting the links found there plus trying out some new ones!

Feel free to leave a comment if you know of other Lawrence KS (or nearby) birthday deals.

Here is what I got for my birthday this year from signing up on these businesses websites. Click the business name to go to the sign up page. Also a lot of these give you a  freebie when you first sign up in addition to a birthday gift! Enjoy!

TacoJohn’s- Free Cini-Sopapilla Bites
Sephora- Free Gift (mine was lip gloss. Coupon comes in the mail) 
Swagbucks- 50 Swagbucks
Hollywood Movie Theater (Southwind) - Free Medium Popcorn
Dempsey's Burger Pub- Free House Burger 
Liberty Hall- Free movie, free popcorn & drink & candy. (No sign-up, just show up with your ID on your birthday)
World Market- 10% off (I think that is lame.)
EinsteinBros Bagels- Free bagel & schmear with drink purchase 
Arby’s – Free 12oz Shake 
IHOP-  Free Rooty Tooty Fresh N Fruity breakfast 
Panera- Free Pastry or Sweet
Noodles& Co – Buy 1 Get 1 EntrĂ©e (came via snail mail) 

Reader Suggestions:
Sports Clips- Free Haircut (thanks Josh!)

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Grocery Deal Round-Up: 7/18 to 7/24

I am completely perplexed- Aldi did not list ANY produce in their ad this week, and it is pretty much all processed food. What is up with that? So anyway, I did not add any items from Aldi to my list this week and it feels so strange! "Dollar Days" is this week at HyVee- I've listed the dollar items I think are a great deal here, but see the ad for the rest. 

A word about coupons- as far as I know, Dillon's is the only grocery in Lawrence that doubles coupons. Does anyone have information to the contrary?

Baby Carrots- $1/bag @ HyVee
Cantaloupe- $1.88/ea @ Checkers
Clementines- $3.88/ 3lb bag @ Checkers (I'm so glad these are back!)
Cucumbers- 2/$1 @ Checkers
Grapes (Red or Green)- $1.48/lb @ Checkers
Green Bell Peppers- 2/$1 @ Checkers
Onions (Yellow, Organic)- $1.88/ 3lb bag @ Checkers
Mangoes- 2/$1 @ Checkers
Peaches- $1.00/lb @ HyVee OR Dillons
Plums- $1.28/lb @ Checkers
Potatoes (Russet)- $0.99/ 5lb bag @ Checkers
Roma Tomatoes-  $1.00/lb @ HyVee
Strawberries- $1.48/lb @ Checkers
Sweet Corn- 5/$2.00 @ Dillons

Other Grocery:
Bacon (Best Choice)- $1.98/lb @ Checkers
Cheese (Kroger, block or shred)- $1.79/ 6 to 8oz pkg @ Dillons
Chicken (whole)- $0.98/lb @ Checkers
Chicken (split breast, drumsticks, or thighs)- $1/lb @ HyVee
Cottage Cheese (Kroger)- 2/$4.00 @ Dillons
Franks (Jumbo Farmland)- $1/pkg @ HyVee
 Frozen Vegetables- $1/bag @ HyVee
Greek Yogurt (A&E)- $0.99/ea @ HyVee OR Checkers
Sherbet - $1.00/ pkg @ HyVee

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back To School Supplies- check out Frugal Fritzie

Thanks to Frugal Fritzie for being so organized- she has put up a chart of where to get the best deal on each different kind of school supply! Generally with this kind of update I would just put it on the Frugal Townie facebook page or Twitter page, but this is so cool I thought it deserved it's own blog entry.

P.S. Other people are as obsessed with school supplies as I am, right? :)

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grocery Deals Round-Up: 7/11 - 7/17 Back To School Already?!

Can't believe it's back to school time already. But it is one of my favorite times of the year because I love school supplies. :)

Aldi is selling back to school college dorm room gear this week including a great deal on collapsible storage cubes $5.99 for 2 and nice prices on bedding and cheap kitchen stuff. 

Dillons has back to school supplies in their ad,  including Crayola Crayons 24 pk for $0.29 and notebooks for $0.19.

HyVee is doing a "One Day" sale on Friday July 13- click the link for the ad, but the highlights include half gallon milk for $0.99 (limit 2) and Banquet meals for $0.69. I'm not sure the prices on the other stuff is anything to get super excited about when you compare to Aldi or Checkers.

Great deals on strawberries abound. Romance on a Dime is featuring a 30 Minute Strawberry Freezer Jam this week- check it out!

Apricots- $1.48/lb @ Checkers 
Avocados (Large)- $0.88/ea
Bananas- $0.19/lb @ Checkers on THURS only.
Bing Cherries- $2.48/lb @ Checkers
Blueberries- $1.29/lb @ Aldi
Cherries - $1.29/lb @ Aldi
Sweet Corn- 5 / $2 @ Dillons
Broccoli Crowns- $0.88/lb@ Checkers
Carrots- $0.88/ 2lb bag @ Checkers
Iceberg Lettuce- $0.78/ head @ Checkers
Limes- 6 / $1 @ Checkers
Peaches or Nectarines- $1.28/lb @ Checkers
Pineapple- $1.29/ea @ Aldi
Strawberries- $0.99/lb @ Aldi

Other Grocery:
Bacon (Private Selection)- $2.88/ lb @ Dillons
Bottled Water- $2.29/ 24 pack @ Aldi
Butter (salted or unsalted)- 2/ $4 @ Dillons
Chicken Breasts (boneless skinless)- $1.88/lb @ Checkers OR Dillons
Chicken Thighs or Drumsticks- $0.98/lb @ Checkers
Cheese (block or shred)- $1.79/ea @ Dillons
Cottage Cheese- $1.49/ea @ HyVee
Feta Cheese- 2/ $5.00 @ Dillons
Greek Yogurt (HyVee brand)- $0.89/ea @ HyVee
Milk (half gal)- $0.99 (limit 2) @ HyVee Friday only, OR Dillons $1.25/ea all week
Pork Steak (Bone in)- $1.98/lb @ Checkers
Vinegar (gallon)- $1.98 @ HyVee (vinegar is SO useful, click here for uses)
Yogurt (Yoplait)- $0.50/ea @ Dillons

photo: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/984616