Sunday, October 28, 2012

Freebies for Christmas

Despite that fact that it is not even quite Halloween yet, I've been thinking about Christmas. For several years now I have occasionally gone to "freebie" sites and signed up to be sent free samples of various items. This year, I decided to do this again, but with Christmas in mind.

While I do not recommend giving people on your gift list ONLY random free samples, I think they can be a fun way to add some fun extras to a gift, or to help fill a gift bag or stocking.

 Pictured: freebies I have received in the last month or so.
  • Lindt chocolate truffes- got a coupon for a free bag by liking their facebook page during promotion. 
  • Harley-Davidson sticker (free by mail. I have some Harley lovers in my family). 
  • Ponds wipes samples and blue make-up bag of cosmetics samples (free by mail from Target during promo). Aero Shot energy gel sample (free by mail). 
  • Eucerin lotion sample (free by mail).  
  • Solar grasshopper (not actually free, but less than $1 on Amazon and thinking a kid in my family would love it.) 
  • Not pictured: free mini-candle from Bed Bath and Beyond (got coupon online and picked up in-store).
I've signed up for another dozen or so that I'm expecting in the mail soon, plus I am keeping my eyes peeled for more to sign up for.

These are the sites I check regularly that tip me off to these freebies (I use Google Reader for most of my blog reading, so I'm not actually going to each of these everyday, they just come up in my feed. Easiest way to do it in my opinion.)  Not all of these are exclusively freebies, but I have found them all to be useful for this purpose.

Absurdly Cool Freebie Finder
 Freebie Shark
FrugalFritzie (Actually more of a coupon blog, but does post good freebies sometimes)
Living Richly on a Budget (Again not exclusively freebies, but does include sometimes.)
MommySavers (Not exclusively freebies, but does include good ones sometimes.)
Who Said Nothing In Life is Free (Not all freebies, but good.)

Are any of you freebie collectors? What are you favorite sites? Please share in the comments!