Thursday, January 26, 2012

Grocery Deals Round-Up: Fresh & Healthy

Here are the extra-great deals I noticed in the grocery stores this week, with a focus on fresh & healthy.

Prices good Jan 25- Jan 31

Avocados- $0.29/ea @ Aldi
Baby Carrots- $0.49/16 oz bag @ Aldi
Broccoli Crowns- $0.88/ea @ Checkers
Celery- $0.69/bunch @ Aldi
Grapefruit- $2.48/ 6lb bag @ Checkers
Peppers (Red)- 2/$3 @ HyVee
Pineapple (whole)- $0.99/ea @ Aldi
Radishes $1/ 2 bunches @ HyVee
Roma Tomatoes- $0.58/lb @ Checkers

Chicken Breasts (boneless)- $1.69/lb @ Aldi
Chicken Breasts (bone-in)- $0.98/lb @ Checkers
Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs- $0.97/lb @ HyVee
Hummus - $1.69/ea @ Aldi
Peanuts (In-shell, salted)- $1.69/16oz @ Aldi
Soy Milk (Silk)- 2/$5 @ Checkers
V8 Juice (Weekly pack)- $2.69/ea @ Aldi
Yogurt (Weight Watchers) 10/$5 @ HyVee

Also remember to check the January: Month by Month Guide to Sales before doing your shopping.

I looked at Aldi, Checkers, Dillons, and Hy-Vee. If you see great deals elsewhere, please comment! Also note these prices are all without coupons. I only rarely use coupons because I am specific about what I want, and there are infrequently coupons for those items that make them a better deal than store-brand or sale prices. Though I do always look at them to double-check.

Stay tuned for the next Grocery Deals Round-Up, typically posted on Wednesdays.

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  1. I usually shop at Checkers. I would rather do just one stop and they have the overall cheaper prices and most variety.

    Did you know that Checkers will accept local ads and honor prices? So many times I LOVE the produce prices that Aldi has on their ad, so I bring the Aldi ad to Checkers and get those prices for Checker's awesome produce!

  2. I didn't know that! Is it a hassle, or can you really just bring the ad with you and they ring it all up at those prices? I am INTRIGUED to say the least!

  3. Most of the time it's not a hassle. I just place all the price match items at the end and right before the cashier gets to the items I let them know I have some price matching to do. Most of the cashiers know about the policy.

    Only stipulations - they keep the ad afterwards and they want to you bring the whole ad in (so they can see the date and store name, I think).

  4. Ah, I see. So do you go to Aldi and pick up their ad, then do your shopping at Checkers?

  5. Actually, I get their ad each Wednesday in the "Pulse" weekly newspaper(it's just automatically delivered. I don't get the Lawrence Journal World, just the "Pulse").

  6. The Wednesday weekly Newspaper is called "Crave Lawrence" not the pulse. Ooops.

  7. How do you get the Crave Lawrence newspaper delivered to your house? At my previous address I got the Pulse but no longer get anything.

  8. I get the Pulse, but not Crave. You might try contact the subscriptions dept at the LJ World-


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