Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Grocery deals 4/25 - 5/1

Summer produce is coming into season now, including berries, so prices are lower on those this week. Here is the list of In Season produce from Frugal Living. Not grocery items, but lots of garden supplies and plants at low prices at Aldi. At HyVee make note of sales on pet foods. My favorite deals are in bold. Enjoy!

This week's coordinating frugal recipe from Romance on a Dime is Tropical Fruit Toss - give it a try!

Artichokes- $1.50ea @ HyVee
Bananas- $0.19/lb Thursday Only @ Checkers
Blueberries $2.99/ 6oz pk @ Dillons
Blackberries- 3pks / $5 ($1.66 ea) @ HyVee
Broccoli Crowns- $0.78/lb @ Checkers
Carrots (baby)- $0.88/lb @ Chekcers
Corn on the Cob (Sweet)- $0.33/ea @ Dillons OR HyVee
Green Beans- $0.88/lb @ Checkers
Mangoes - $0.59/ea @ Chekcers
Pineapple (whole)- $1.29/each @ Aldi
Strawberries- $0.99/ 16oz @ Aldi
Tomatoes (Grape)- $0.88/pint @ Checkers
Zucchini (or yellow squash)- $0.49/lb @ Checkers

Bacon (Kroger)- $3.50/ea @ Dillons
Black Beans (canned)- $0.69/ea @ HyVee
Cheese (string)- $2.98/ 12oz @ HyVee

Chicken Breast (boneless/skinless)- $1.88/lb @ HyVee
Coffee (Folgers)- $6.99/ 34oz @ HyVee
Crab (imitation)- $1.66/ea @ HyVee

Milk (Kroger brand)- $1.00/ea for half gallons @ Dillons
Pork Sirloin Roast or Chops- $1.88/lb @ Checkers
Shrimp (large, fresh)- $5.98/ 1lb bag @ Checkers
Sugar (white)- $1.99/ 4lb bag @ HyVee
Swai fillets- $2.49/lb @ Dillons


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