Saturday, December 3, 2011

Birthday freebies in Lawrence, KS

Mr. Townie's birthday was this week, which reminded me to share about all the birthday freebies in Lawrence.  In 2010 the LJWorld did a nice write-up of birthday freebies. By far my favorite Lawrence birthday freebie is going to Liberty Hall to see a movie for free, plus free popcorn and soda, plus a free movie rental.

A couple could easily have a night out for a birthday in Lawrence for $20 (buy one dinner and one full price movie ticket), perhaps as little as $6 (share the free dinner, and buy one student rate movie ticket.)

Here are a few more birthday freebies not on the LJWorld list (most require you join their email list, so click the links!):
Free cookie dough from Papa Johns
Free milkshake at Arbys
Free bagel and schmear with drink purchase at Einstein Bros.
Free burger at Dempsey's Burger Pub
$10.00 off coupon at World Market

UPDATE: I updated this 7/19/12 with some new links, etc. Click here for the new entry: Birthday Freebies Update


  1. one of my favorite freebies on my birthday is the $10.00 coupon World Market gives you if you are a member (free, no cost, but you get other great coupons throughout the year too!) of their Explorer club.

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Frugal! the 1st week in dec. is busy in my family because we have 3 b'days then so understand that you might have a difficult time reining mr. frugal in when he finds a bargain.....does he like to buy in quantity when he is getting a good deal?

  2. Ooh, thanks for the World Market tip- I love that place!

    I do most of the shopping in our family, and yes I do like to stock up somewhat when I find a good deal. I do try to keep in mind that I have to find some place to put it all when I get home, though! Haha.

  3. This is the 2nd result when you google "things to do on your birthday lawrence ks"

  4. this page is the second result when you google "things to do on your birthday lawrence ks"


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