Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Grocery Deals Round-Up: Fresh Produce and Nuts!

I can tell by the sales going on that the winter crops are coming in. It is usually the most frugal to buy in-season produce, plus it is the most fresh & tasty! Look here for what is in season now. 

Here are the best prices on fresh produce & nuts this week. (Prices good  through 12/20 unless otherwise noted.)

Apples- Royal Gala $0.99/lb @ Checkers, Washington Jazz $1.18/lb @ HyVee
Avocados- $0.79/ea @ Aldi,  $1.00/ea @ Dillons
Bananas- $0.19/lb @ Checkers on Thursdays! (Not “in season” but a great deal.)
Bell Peppers (Red, Yellow, Orange)- $0.98/each @ Checkers (This is a great price! I got a bunch and cut them up and froze them. Perfect for homemade pizza, stirfry, enchiladas, etc.)
Bell Peppers (Green)- $0.48/each @ Checkers
Broccoli- $0.99/lb @ Aldi
Cabbage- $0.33/lb @ Checkers, $1.29/head @ Aldi
Carrots (Baby)- $0.88/lb @ Checkers, $0.99 @ Aldi
Clementines (Cuties)- $4.98/5lb @ Checkers,  $3.99 @ Dillons    
Cranberries- $1.49/12oz @ Aldi, $1.69/12oz @ HyVee
Cucumbers- $0.48/each @ Checkers, $0.49 @ Aldi
Grapefruit- $0.33/each @ Checkers, $3.99/10lb @ Dillons
Grapes (Red Seedless) $2.18/lb @ HyVee, $2.99/2lbs @ Aldi
Mangoes- $0.99/each @ HyVee & Aldi
Oranges (Navel)- $1.48/4lb @ Aldi
Pears- $1.99/2lbs @ Aldi, $1.25/lb @ Dillons
Pineapple (whole)- $0.99/each @ Aldi
Potatoes- $1.99/10lb @ Aldi, $1.99/10lb @ Dillons
Sweet Potatoes- $0.99/3lb @ Aldi

Almonds $4.99/16oz @ Dillons, $3.99/12oz @ Aldi
Pecans $6.99/14oz @ Dillons, $3.99/6oz @ Aldi
Walnuts $6.99/14oz @ Dillons, $6.53/16oz @ Target

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  1. Nice list! Minor correction though - banana day at Checkers is Tuesday!

  2. Hmm, their flyer says Thursday! Did they make a typo?

  3. I found your blog through @Lblogs twitter! I'm glad to find another frugal blogger in Lawrence!! I post less often on deals and more often now on projects. I'm definitely going to start following your blog though!!

    Oh, and the banana day for Checkers IS Thursdays officially, though sometimes they also have the same price on Tuesdays. But Thursdays is consistent and advertised. I shop at Checkers for most of my groceries!

  4. Thanks Betsy! I'm checking out your blog right now!


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