Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Frugal Acts: a few simple things I did to save money this week. Windfall Week!

This week was different as it is a Windfall Week (we received our tax return).  While we saved most of it,
we did spend some of it paying off debt, necessities, and things that will save us money in the future.

Windfall Expenditures:

  • Paid off 2 medical bills- obviously they needed to be paid off, but we chose to pay them off in a lump-sum now while we could, rather than paying monthly. This saved us money on interest, plus cut over $100 per month from our monthly overhead.
  • Made a larger than usual payment on our credit card debt (accrued last year when my husband was unemployed.)
  • Had our dog vetted- she needed her vaccines updated. We would have of course done this anyway, but we put it off by a month until we received our tax return, rather than stretch our tight monthly budget to do it.
  • I am researching bulk meat purchasing possibilities. I find that meat is one of the most difficult grocery items for me to find great deals on.  Anyone in N.E. Kansas have a line on a great deal for bulk meat?

"Regular" Frugal Acts:

  • Made banana-bread muffins with bananas from the freezer.
  • Waited until end of season clearance to buy new winter boots, and did price-comparisons online before purchasing.
  • Made my own natural laundry detergent (way cheaper and less chemicals!). I used this recipe, again from Pinterest.

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  1. For the bulk-meat buying in this area, I think you should see if Tori/Andrew have an idea through her folks since they're from here. (and I think they might do this as well..)
    If we had a deep freeze, Randy and I would totally go in on purchasing large portions together, so if that helps on the frugalness, let me know and we might discuss getting one! :)

    1. Good ideas, thanks Jess! Are you going to get a deep freeze? We got a used one and it's pretty dang useful.


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