Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Dinner Grocery Deals

In my family, the traditional Easter dinner includes:
  • Ham
  • A Potato Dish
  • An Asparagus Dish or Green Bean Dish
  • A Fruit Salad
  • Bread or Rolls
  • Pie or Cake for dessert
  •  And don't forget extra eggs for decorating!

I'll let you pick your own favorite recipes, but with those in mind, here are the best prices I found on items you might need for your Easter dinner. I'll post again next week with the new deals.

Easter Dinner Items On Sale This Week:

Bread (Italian or French loaf)- $1.00/ea (10/$10) @ Dillons
Butter (quarters)- $1.99/ea @ Aldi
Carrots (baby)- $1.00/bag @ Dillons OR Aldi
Cream cheese- $1.00/ea @ Dillons OR Aldi
Cream of Mushroom soup- $0.59/ea @ Aldi
Duck (whole)- $2.49/lb @ Aldi
Eggs (large)- $1.00/ dozen (10/ $10) @ Dillons - (but you don’t have to buy 10 to get the price!)
Green Beans (canned)- $0.59/ea @ Aldi
Green Beans (fresh)- $0.88/lb @ Checkers
Hams (variety of types)- $1.19lb to $1.69/lb @ Aldi
Pie Crust (graham)- $1.18/ea @ HyVee
Pie Crust (regular)- $2.28 / 2pk @ HyVee
Potatoes - $0.20/lb ($1.99/ 10lb bag) @ Aldi
Red Potatoes (new baby)- $0.88/lb @ HyVee
Roast (boneless round)- $2.99/lb @ Dillons
Rolls (Brown-n-serve)- $1.00/ pk (10/$10) @ Dillons
Sweet Potatoes $0.33/lb ($0.99/ 3lb bag) @ Aldi
Whipped Topping - $0.89/ea @ Aldi


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