Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Grocery Deals Round-Up: 3/21 - 3/27

LOTS of good deals this week! There is a new deal at Aldi- from the ad it seems they will be doing a weekly "Fresh Meat Special Buy Day" on Wednesdays. Today the deal is $0.89/lb split chicken breasts.

Asparagus- $1.38/lb @ HyVee 
Blackberries- $3/ 2  6oz pkgs @ HyVee OR $2.99/ 12 oz pkg @ Target
Cantaloupe - $0.99/ea @ Aldi
Carrots (baby)- $0.88/lb bag @ Checkers
Celery- $0.58/ stalk @ Checkers
Corn on the Cob- $2 / 5 cobs @ Dillons
Grapes (Green)- $0.89/lb @ Aldi
Green Beans- $0.88/lb @ Checkers
Lettuce (Romaine, red or green leaf)- $0.78/ea @ Checkers 
Oranges (Navel)- $1.48/ 4lb bag ($0.37/lb!) @ Aldi
Pears (Anjou)- $0.99/ 4 ct tray ($0.23/ea!) @ Aldi
Pineapple (whole)- $0.99/ea @ Aldi
Strawberries- $0.99/ 16oz (1lb) pk  @ Aldi

Butter (reg or unsalted)- $1.99/ ea @ Aldi
Chicken Breast (split)- $0.89/lb @ Aldi WEDS ONLY
Chicken Breast (bonless, skinless)- $1.68/lb @ Checkers
Chicken Leg Quarters- $0.79/lb @ HyVee
Cream Cheese or Neufchatel- $0.99/ea @ Aldi
Entrees (W. Watchers or Smart Ones frozen)- $10/ 5 @ HyVee
Flour- $1.48/ 5lb bag @ HyVee
Fish Filets (battered)- $2.49 / 19oz box @ Aldi
Ham (Smoked shank) - $1.19/lb @ Aldi
Ham (Spiral)- $1.69/lb @ Aldi (if you can wait, hams will go on sale after Easter!)
Olive Oil Cooking Spray- $1.49/ ea @ Aldi
Pasta Sauce (Organic!)- $1.99/ea @ Aldi
Pasta (Whole grain! penne or rotini)- $0.99/ 13oz box @ Aldi
Pineapple (canned)- $0.89/ea @ Aldi
Pizza (Margherita, frozen) - $2.99/ea @ Aldi
Pork Roast (Boston butt)- $1.58/lb @ Checkers
Tofu (Melissa’s Organic)- $4/ 2 blocks @ HyVee
Tortilla Chips (Clancys)- $0.99/ 13 oz bag @ Aldi
Salsa (Casa Mamita)- $1.49/ 24 oz jar @ Aldi
Vegetables (Birds Eye frozen)- $5 / 5 bags @ HyVee
Yogurt (non-fat Fit & Active)- $0.39/ea @ Aldi
Easter/ Spring baking stuff- cake mix, frosting, sprinkles on sale @ Aldi

Here are some tasty, easy, healthy recipes I've made lately that will work perfectly with our deals this week! :  Easy Baked Garlic Chicken & Roasted New Potatoes & Asparagus  These link to their direct sources, but I originally found them on Pinterest. Click to Follow me on Pinterest!

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