Thursday, February 20, 2014

Frugal Acts: a few simple things I did to save money this week.

Things I did to save money this week:

  • Paid 7 bills with free online bill pay through my credit union (saved $3.43 on stamps).
  • Asked for a discount at a store (and got it! It really doesn't hurt to ask.)
  • Put vegetables in the freezer that we couldn't use up before they went bad, to use later in stir-fry or soup.
  • Went on a date to an art museum with free admission.
  • Borrowed several books from the library.
  • Cooked chicken to shred for wraps for my work lunches (cheaper and healthier than lunch meat).
  • Used my price book to find the stock up price on a few items last week. Stock-up prices here.
  • Fixed my own vacuum cleaner (watched how-to videos on Youtube, ordered replacement parts from Amazon- I have a Kirby).
  • Checked prices at Dollar Tree (found out several things I thought were really good prices are actually just pretty good...).
  • Researched disposable diaper prices (results here!)

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