Thursday, February 2, 2012

Using up my leftover yarn.

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I started knitting a "patchwork" style blanket to use up some leftover yarn, using an idea from Readymade magazine (I actually have the print magazine, but here it is online!) However, I find the time estimate of "half a day" to be absurd! Maybe I am a really slow knitter, but it takes me about an hour to knit a square 20 stitches by 20 rows- and that is a LOT of squares! I expect this to a winter-long project, not a day-long project.

This is a great frugal project because I am using my leftover materials (and possibly some from friends!) that are just sitting around making clutter to make a functional item or even a cool gift. Furthermore, it makes good use of my time, because I can do this while I watch stuff on Netflix.

I'm hoping it will end up looking granny chic/modern vintage rather than random old knitted blanket.Wish me luck!

What projects have you done to "use up" leftover materials from other projects?



    I plan to make this out of selveges

  2. That is an awesome "leftovers" project! Thanks for sharing Carolyn. :)

  3. It looks like it is going to be awesome, especially with the vintage look you are going after. I have several friends who knit and I sit there talentless and ashamed...can't wait to see the finished product! Hope you post it!

  4. OOOoo - I'm excited to see what it will look like!! I've never knitted or crocheted before. I would like to try sometime. I have a quilt project I've never finished. I may end up working on that for the rest of winter.

    Thanks so much for linking up to the Take it on Tuesday blog hop!

  5. I will absolutely post the finished project... when I finally finish it in a few months. So far I have finished the first "strip", and about 19 more to go!


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