Friday, February 17, 2012

Some new Pinterest recipes:

I'm looking forward to the weekend for many reasons, including trying out some new recipes! The first 2 are recipes I tried already earlier this week (all in one meal!). The last 3 are new to me (found on Pinterest of course!) that I'm planning to try this weekend.  Trying anything new this weekend?

Baked chicken fingers- these were super tasty but a bit messy to make. (Chicken was on sale last week.)

Roasted new potatoes and asparagus- REALLY good, and easy to do! (Asparagus was on sale last week.)

To try this weekend:

Chili's-style salsa: (tomatoes are on sale this week)

Smashed & Baked potatoes (still have half a bag of potatoes left from last week):

Cheesy Broccoli Bites (I think these will be perfect with turkey meatloaf & smashed potatoes):

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  1. MmmMM - these recipes look good! (haha - you just made my stomach growl) I especially like the Smashed and Baked Potatoes.

    Thanks for sharing this at the Take it on Tuesday blog hop!


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