Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Grocery Deals Round-Up: Produce & Dairy

Good deals on cheese this week- did you know you can freeze cheese? (Shredded freezes best, in my opinion.) Speaking of freezing- I blew my grocery budget this month by $50! Major, I know- but I can tell you that I spent $20 on 10 lbs of ground beef, $12 on 8 lbs of chicken breasts, and another $10 on 6 Smart Ones frozen meals- big purchases but were great deals for stocking up my freezer. Not sure what I spent that other $8 on.  Probably bags and bags of Cuties clementines (best price on these is at Aldi, btw.)- I love those things!
Annoyed with the HyVee ad this week- some pages arranged by COLOR rather than type of food. Seriously?

Apples (Organic Pink Lady)- $2.98 / 3lb bag @ Checkers
Asparagus- $1.48/lb @ Checkers
Baby Carrots- $0.99/ 1 lb bag @ Checkers OR Aldi
Bell Peppers (asstd)- $1.29 / tray of 3 @ Aldi
Broccoli Crowns- $0.79/lb @ Aldi OR Checkers
Clementines (Cuties)- $4.99/ 5lb box @ Target
Grapes (Red seedless)- $1.48/lb @ Checkers
Kiwi- 4/$1 @  Checkers OR 5/$1 @ HyVee
Lemons 3/$1 @ Checkers
Mushrooms- $0.79/8oz @ Aldi
Onions (Yellow)- $0.79/3lb bag @ Aldi
Pineapple (whole) - $1.99/ea @ Aldi OR Dillons
Tomatoes (Roma)- $0.58/lb @ Checkers
Yellow Squash or Zuchini- $0.48/lb @ Checkers

Balsamic Vinegar- $1.99/ 16oz @ Aldi
Butter - $1.98/ lb box @ Checkers
Cheese (block)- $1.79/ 8oz @ Aldi OR $1.66/ 8oz @ Dillons
Cheese (shredded)- $2.99/16oz @ Aldi
Chicken (split breast, thighs, or drumsticks) - $0.89/lb @ HyVee
Cottage Cheese or Sour Cream $1.99/ 24oz @ Dillons
Coffee (store brand)- $6.99/ 32 oz @ Dillons OR Aldi
Dog Food (Iams, Beneful, Pedigree)- large bags on sale @ Target OR HyVee
Milk (store brand)- $2.88/gal @ Dillons
Olive Oil- $2.99/ 17oz @ Aldi
Pesto sauce - $1.99/8oz @ Aldi
Soy Milk - $2.39/ half gal @ Aldi (regular price) OR $4.99/ 2 half gals @ Dillons
Tomatoes, Italian style diced (canned)- $0.59 @ Aldi
Tuna (store brand)- $0.48/can @ HyVee


  1. That's funny about the Hy-Vee ad. It seems like they do a good job about making food seem really appetizing. They have great pictures and focus on the ad, so much so that I've caught myself several times thinking, "Oh, I need to buy..." Then I'll compare their prices with Checkers or Aldi and Hy-Vee has the highest price. That's why I usually look at the ads, starting with Checkers or Aldi first, then Hy-Vee.

  2. That's the order I look at the ads too! Aldi and Checkers are almost always cheaper, on almost everything.


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