Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Grocery Deals Round-Up: Basics & Baking (2/1-2/8)

This week I'm stocking up on my pantry basics and a few baking treats for Valentine's Day. Here are the best prices I've found for Lawrence. Prices good 2/1- 2/7 unless otherwise noted.

Asparagus- $1.98/lb @ Checkers
Avocados- $0.29/ea @ Aldi
Bananas- $0.44/lb @ Aldi or $0.19/lb on Thursdays @ Checkers
Broccoli- $0.99/16 oz @ Aldi
Cauliflower- $0.99/head @ Aldi
Green Onions- $0.77/bunch @ HyVee
Kiwi fruit- 5/$1 @ Checkers
Onions- $1.89/3lbs @ Aldi
Peppers (Red Bell)- $0.78/ea @ Checkers
Potatoes (Russet)- $1.98/10lbs @ Checkers
Strawberries- $1.98/lb @ Checkers
Tomatoes (Hot house)- $0.78/lb @ Checkers
Tomatoes (Roma)- $0.79/lb @ HyVee

Beans (Kidney or Chili)- $0.48/15oz @ HyVee
Cheese (shredded or block)- $1.66/8oz @ Dillons
Frozen Vegetables (variety)- $0.72/16oz  w/ printable coupon @ Target ($0.99 without coupon)
Lentils (dried)- $0.79/16oz @ Aldi
Tortillas- $1.28/pk @ HyVee
Tuna (canned in water)- $0.59/can @ Aldi

Cake Mix (Red Velvet, & others)- $0.99/ea @ Aldi or $0.99/ea @ HyVee
Eggs (grade A large)- $1/29/doz @ Aldi or $1.18 w/ in-ad coupon @ HyVee
Frosting (all flavors)- $1.29/ 16oz @ Aldi
Soy Milk- $2.39/ 64oz @ Aldi
Sugar (White)- $2.79/5lbs @ Aldi

We go through a lot of brown rice at my house, and I have not yet figured out the cheapest source in town- anyone know? 


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