Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Grocery Deals Round-Up: 2/29 - 3/6

Lots of good deals on seafood everywhere- now is the time to stock up if you’re interested.  Also intriguing deal at HyVee- if you buy a Haier chest freezer for $199, they give you $200 worth of coupons. However, I have not seen the coupons so I have no idea if its worth it or not. If there are a lot of coupons you use, or if they are for store brand items that would be better. They are selling the SAME freezer at Dillons for $159, with no coupons. Worth investigating if you’re interested! Haiers are supposed to be good freezers.  It is the same size of freezer as mine and I LOVE having one!

Avocados- $0.19/ea @ Aldi
Broccoli Crowns- $0.99/16 oz @ Aldi OR Checkers
Brussel Sprouts- $0.98/lb @ Checkers
Carrots- $1.98/ 5 POUND bag @ Checkers
Celery- $0.68/ bunch @ Checkers
Grapes (Red or Green)- $0.79/lb @ Aldi
Mushrooms- $0.69/pk @ Aldi
Onions - $1.69/ 3lb bag @ Aldi OR HyVee
Potatoes (Red)- $2.49/lb @ Aldi OR HyVee
Red Bell Peppers - $0.68/ea @ Checkers
Strawberries- $1.68/lb @ HyVee
Tomatoes (Roma)- $0.79/ 20oz @ Aldi OR HyVee
Tomatoes (Grape)- $0.68/ 8 oz @ Checkers

Cheese (shredded or block)- 3/$5 @ Dillons
Coffee (Folgers Country Roast) - $6.77/ 34oz @ HyVee OR $6.99 @ Dillons
Kellogg’s cereal & bars- 50% off at Hyvee, 29% off at Checkers
Soy Milk- $2.39/64 oz store brand @ Aldi, OR $1.29 7th Continent w/ coupon @ HyVee OR Silk $2.29 w/coupon @ Dillons
Tortillas (Flour, 6”)- $1.49/20 pk @ Aldi
Tortillas (Flour, 10”)- $1.29/8pk @ Aldi
Tortilla chips (rest. style)- $1.49/ 13oz @ Aldi
Mexican-style diced tomatoes (like Rotel)- $0.59/can @ Aldi
Yogurt (non-fat Lemon or Banana)- $0.39/ea @ Aldi
Yogurt (Greek, Kroger brand)- $0.80/ea- 5/$4 @ Dillons

Wondering what to do with all those veggies? Check out Romance on a Dime's coordinating recipe! Four Cheese Vegetable Lasagna


  1. I know I LOVE my freezer!! It's always good to have extra room.

    Nice price on Avocados. I might have to buy some...

  2. Got ours for Christmas and I can say it has been great to be able to buy in bulk when I catch a great deal. For example, I got a great deal on ground beef a few weeks ago, but you had to buy it in 10lb increments! That's a lot of beef! Would never have been able to buy it if I didn't have the extra freezer space. Also love being able to buy frozen meals (Smart Ones, Lean Cuisine, etc.) when they are on sale for my lazy-day work lunches.


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