Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Frugal web tool (and games!)

I have some fantastic websites to tell you about.

The first is Mint.com.      I have been using this (free, of course) tool for a few months now. The purpose of this tool is to track your money- bank accounts, loans, credit cards, etc. What is cool about it is is that it breaks it down into categories (Groceries, Mortgage/Rent, Clothing, Hobbies, Travel, Coffeeshops, Restaurants, etc.) so you can see EXACTLY where your money goes. I really had no idea how much I was spending on clothes! This type of tracking is really key if you are trying to lower your spending. I was really focused on our grocery bill, which is good, but not that helpful if a bunch of money is being spent on clothes & other non-necessities. Mint is also helpful because you can set budgets & goals. I really like this because I like to see the charts and graphs fill up. It makes it more like a game for me (a self-proclaimed videgame nerd.) One note: if you don't feel comfortable using Mint.com, I know that many banks offer a similar tool- I know Meritrust Credit Union (where I bank) has one.

Speaking of games-
The other website is Saveup.com, (also free) which I just found out about today (on Lifehacker.com, a favorite of mine) and I'm already hooked. Saveup makes a game of saving money- literally. Lifehacker explains it better than I can but the general principle is that you get points for making good financial decisions. For each dollar that you put in your savings account, or that you use to pay off a debt, you get a point. (You link your existing bank/credit accounts so they can be tracked, I've checked into it and believe this is completely safe.) Then you use these points to try to win prizes on Saveup!

What is your favorite financial tool site (or software)? I know people use a lot of different things and I'd love to hear reviews.

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  1. My bank (bank of america) allows you to "Keep the Change," so everytime you make a purchase w/ your debit card, it rounds up to the next dollar and then deposits the change into a savings account of your choice. This works best if you predominantly use your debit card. The savings add up faster than you think & I know when I signed up a year ago, BoA would match 100% of your deposits for a set period of time & then like 5% after or something like that. Free money!


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