Thursday, November 17, 2011

My frugal Thanksgiving shopping list

Here is a shopping list for Thanksgiving (plus a few staples). I've researched the lowest prices in town (most good until 11/24).

  • sweet potatoes, per lb   Hyvee $0.59, Walmart $0.28, Checkers $0.44
  • white potatoes               Dillons 10lbs/ $1.88, Aldi 10lbs/$1.79
  • frozen vegetables          Dillons Kroger brand $1.00
  • green beans (canned)   HyVee brand green beans $0.39, Aldi $0.59
  • stuffing                           Target Kraft Stove Top Stuffing $0.89
  • rolls                                Checkers $0.99/dozen, Aldi $0.99/dozen
  • cranberry jelly/sauce     Hyvee $0.95, Aldi $0.89
  • butter                             Checkers 1lb $1.98, Aldi 1lb/$1.99
  • sugar (granulated)         Dillons 4lb/$1.99, Checkers 4lb/$1.99
  • sugar (powdered)    Checkers 2lb/$1.25
  • flour                               Dillons 5lb/ $2.49 (but I suspect Aldi or Checkers will be cheaper)
  • cream soup                   HyVee $0.67, Checkers $0.60
  • french fried onions        Walgreens $1.50
  • pie crust                        Aldi $1.89
  • cream cheese              Aldi $0.89
  • snack crackers    Checkers 2/$3.00
  • egg nog    Checkers 1qt/$1.88
  • pineapple, whole    Aldi $0.99
  • Don't forget the turkey! My turkey entry.
To get my prices, I look at (you do have to create a free account), which is great except it does not include Checkers or ALDI. So I look at those weekly fliers separately: Checkers and ALDI. I also look at the price book I keep for non-advertised regular prices. (When the price book is a bit more complete you can bet I'll post it!)

My Totals:
I'm not buying everything on this list, because I already have some of it, and guests are bringing some things ( green bean casserole, stuffing, rolls, mac’n’cheese, a dessert, wine) but here are my totals:

Dinner for 10: Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie, cheesy corn, cranberry jelly, plus guest contributions.

Appetizers/snacks: egg nog, crackers/cheese ball, pineapple.

My total cost = $27.53 (or $2.75 per person!)

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