Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend update: great deals!

Had a great weekend hunting down some awesome deals. Went to a rummage sale that was a fundraiser for the LHS marching band, and also to an estate auction. Got a lot of things for Christmas gifts, and a few other fun things too.

Rummage sale:
-Overhead projector - $1.00 - my friend Alena had been looking for one of these for a long time so I picked it up for her.
-Magna-doodle- $1.00 - looks brand new, going to give it to my little cousin.
-White ceramic picture frame - $0.75 - new with tags on it, going to put a wedding picture in it for a grandparent's Christmas gift.

Estate auction-
-Large bulletin board- $2.00 - going to paint & decorate it for a little cousin's Christmas gift.
-Box of 20 or so picture frames - $1.00 - going to use these for more wedding pictures for gifts.
-Old red wagon - $6.00 - thought this was too cute to pass up. Maybe I'll put plants in it.

-Wooden duck- $2.00. I don't know. I just love it.

-A thing that I think is an old-fashioned popcorn popper. $1.00. Can anyone verify this? I plan to give it to my Dad to use in his fireplace.

-Antique wall thermometer. $1.00 Already put it up in my kitchen.

- Two awesome granny-style crocheted blankets- $2.50 To use in my house.
- One other thing that I can't mention because its a gift for someone who reads this!

Did you hit up any garage sales or estate sales this weekend? What did you find?

What is your best ever treasure found at a garage sale or auction?


  1. Allan & I LOVE auctions. I spent a year gathering Fiesta ware for my girls. Allan collects watches. His best find was a watch he purchased in an auction for $160 solid gold with diamonds worth over $2,000.

    I collect California pottery. I have found many fabulous pieces thru the years all bargains. My best find (and Dianne can verify this) was for 2 boxes $25 each. One box contained an art nouveau 18k gold pin with pearls about 4 inches long and heavy. The second box had an identical pin and in the bottom of the box were a pair of earrings and a smaller pin. All 18K. At that same auction, I picked up a pair of 1920's sterling Tiffany candlesticks $150 for the pair, they were appraised by Christies in Chicago for over $1500 each. That was a great auction. If I were starting a household, I would furnish my home thru auctions. Such a great deal!


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