Friday, November 4, 2011

Lawrence, KS- Thrift & Bargain Stores

Thrift and Secondhand stores in Lawrence, KS:

(Updated 5/19/14)

Not-for-Profit Thrift Stores:

Social Service League : Donated, used goods, money helps people in need get prescription glasses. Love the people here. Have moved to a new, larger location (temporarily while the original location is remodeled) - so less cluttered and more organized. Very low (think yardsale) prices. My favorite thrift store in Lawrence!
Goodwill : Donated, used goods. I think the prices are a bit high sometimes, but worth checking out occasionally. Good ol' Goody's.
Salvation Army Store: Donated, used goods. Good ol' Sally's.
St. John's Rummage House: Used, donated goods. Money benefits St. Johns School & community programs. Somewhat limited hours, but a goldmine, very low prices. Another one of my favorite places.
Habitat Re-Store: Used, donated goods. Money benefits Habitat for Humanity. Mostly building materials, fixtures, paint, etc. but also some furniture.

Other Bargain and/or Used Goods stores:

Arizona Trading Co. : affectionately called "ATC". Buy/sell/trade used clothes. Primarily young/trendy styles for about 1/2 or 1/4 of what they cost new.
Ditto: Buy/sell  used clothes.  Similar to ATC but I think skews a little older- more young professional than high school/ college age. 
Doodlebugs: Buy/sell secondhand baby and children's items. Lots of clothes/shoes, plus baby gear (strollers, bouncers, etc.), cloth diapering stuff, and pregnancy related items including maternity clothes. I love this shop, because you can get like-new baby/kid stuff for a quarter of retail price. However, it is usually pretty cluttered and somewhat disorganized, so make sure you have time to dig! Good place to sell baby/kid stuff you don't use anymore, too. You won't get a lot of $ but more than you would selling in a garage sale, plus you can get more store credit than cash.
Lasting Impressions Consignment: Consignment store- if you don't know how that works- people bring in items they want to sell, and if it sells the shop gets part of the profit. Their stuff changes all the time, though tends to be mostly apparel. 
Lawrence Flea: Monthly flea market, location varies (check their facebook page for up to date info). Items available vary widely.
Lawrence Antique Mall: If you can see past the expensive antiques, there are lots of flea market-type finds to be had here too. Besides, its fun to look through all the stuff.
Plato's Closet: Buy/sell/trade used clothes. Primarily young/trendy styles for about 1/2 or 1/4 of what they cost new.
Wild Man Vintage: Buy/sell/trade vintage used clothes. Almost didn't put it on here because prices are sometimes high, but sometimes a good deal can be had on cool old clothes.

Tell me what goldmines I missed! I'm always on the lookout for new thrift/bargain stores!
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  1. Update: went to Lawrence Flea this morning. Not as many sellers there as I would like, but definitely saw some treasures and good prices. Hopefully it will be bigger when it starts going again in the spring. Worth checking out!

  2. Can you keep me posted about the Flea thing?

  3. I will let you know when they start it up again!

  4. It's starting up for the season April 7! Here is their facebook

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  6. Platos is actually pretty money for mens athletic shoes. I can find a pair of jordans in my size for 25 bucks every time. Shouldnt be posting this..

  7. Tried to post, may not have went through. Check out His Hands Clothing Closet in downtown Eudora (also can be seen on facebook). We are a non profit who helps other non profits with our overage (clothing, etc.). Our store is stocked with great quality at prices you will find at a lot of the "now" garage sales. Our Mission is to help families stay on budget in today's economy. I started it from our home/basement 5 yrs ago, we have since moved into a store location. We rely on donated items to stock the store and keep our overhead very frugal to keep the prices lower then any other "thrift" or consignment store. Not average by any means in quality. We work very hard to only keep the store stocked with the best quality we can find donated, and share with many other non profit's as we can in and around our local area, but not limited to. See us on facebook, check out our reviews and stop by sometime, sorry if you see a repeat of this comment I could not find it after I thought it posted? I actually found your blog looking for thrift shops. I have been frugal my entire life, so doing this to help local individuals and families save was a no-brainer for me. If you are ever close by stop by and take a peek. We are about a "basic need" and I want to help folks find better then just ok at high prices, I want them to find their va va voom at affordable pricing, we all deserve that! You do not have to wait for a sale to shop this place! We do have sales sometimes, or what I like to think of as "clean out's" to always keep our stock fresh. I have been everywhere in my day and seen a lot of stuff I would never put out. We work very hard and usually wash most of what we offer, hoping to maintain a fresh smelling store that is more "boutique" then average thrift.

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